Today I’ve started to use Technorati!

No, it’s not that it’s the first time I’ve stumbled accross Technorati, but as I said I started to use it today. A large chunk of my daily work is tightly connected to blogs, but the previous Technorati design / layout / information display call it whatever you like, always made me nervous. The feeling was quite similar to that one you have if you jaywalk the streets of Istanbul. So many things to look at… It’s 7 am, I’ve just managed to make the first cup of coffee and want to read stuff… I don’t want to think, nor do I want to make decesions.

So anyway, today I wanted to write a post about terrible design, so I went over to technorati to get some inspiration, and found a new design. whoaaaah! Simple, cool, great…

So, few things to learn from this. Technorati did not become any more powerful than it used to be (“currently tracking 49.4 million blogs”), it did not introduce some cool new features (it actually cut some if I remember correctly), it ditched tons of content that used to be there… and got at least one new user, though I presume bunch of people will like it very much.

I know it’s a phrase, but really… keep it simple. People are too tired from their own work, their problems, sleep of deprivation. The last thing they want is to read the manual for your web application or site.

Now, this is something to keep in mind while going back to code some more of reBlogger 4 🙂