The Sorrows of Young Werther

So, after spending a great deal of time on reBlogger 4 development, it’s time to do a little recap.

When we decided we’ll make this RB 4.0 and use the full potential of 2.0 we found that it’s hard to make only one little thing and then release it because it needs 20 other things before it to be done. For example if we want people to give ability to drag and drop stuff, we need web parts, if we want web parts, we need .net 2 membership provider and so on…

The ambitious plan to create a social news software that can be modified by almost anyone (with no programming knowledge) proved to be even harder than it sounds…

We had a tons of problems with making themes, web parts, master pages and atlas work together nicely and in a civilized manner. But that’s coming along… and we’ve learned a whole lot about all this stuff.

In case, you’d like to read about our discoveries while developing, please read the

We’ve made bunch of prototype features along the way sitting on our hard drives, so I hope at some point in the time that we’ll become part of reBlogger as well (hover comment system, to name one).

However, I’m proud to announce that we will have an alpha version done in next 10 days, and from then we’ll be stabilising the system.