Adding yet more templates…

The new reBlogger 4 just got another feature. For those of you familiar with reBlogger you know that all posts are listed in so called PostsListTemplate. In previous versions, to edit the way this template looked like, you needed to open the source code page and edit that particular section of HTML. For those of you that don’t know what am I talking about, take a look at the SEO Data reBlogger and then at the image bellow.

What is a PostsListTemplate?

In order to make it easy for our users to change the format of this particular list, reBlogger 4 has a seven predefined templates that you can choose from your browser while in “edit mode”. No more code, no html, nothing…

While, we are going to provide a video presentation of this feature quite soon, for now you can see the mock up images of these templates. It is also important to note that these templates only define the layout, while you can turn on or off any particular information inside of the template (e.g. you can decide not to display date when post was published, simply by unticking the “Show Date” checkbox).

So… here is the one sample template, while others you can check out on the PostsList templates in a flickr set.

Template 1 :