reBlogger 4 – goals

Thanks to our customer and beta testers feedback, we’ve been able to identify the crucial goals for reBlogger 4. This post is perhaps coming a bit late, since the development of reBlogger 4 is under it’s way for quite some time, nevertheless I will present you with the features of our upcoming version.

We could divide our development efforts in following areas :

1. simplify customization of reBlogger
2. improve search/filter engine
3. improve and ease certaing administrative tasks
4. add social context to reBlogger

Although, these goals are long run goals, even in reBlogger 4 each of these aspects we’ll be improved.

In order to simplify customization of reBlogger following has been done :

  • reblogger has got a toolbar (visible only to logged in administrator, similar to wordpress)
  • the look and feel of reBlogger can be changed through themes panel. Themes can be downloaded from our official web site, or developed by our users
  • the layout of reBlogger can be changed through the new layout panel, which comes prepackaged with 1,2 and 3 column templates with optional header and footer
  • The all new custom content panel allows inserting any kind of html in any given part of reBlogger, therefore making it easy as copy&paste to set your own header, footer, third party gadgets (counters, flickr…) or ads.
  • reBlogger has been divided into controls (logical units of functionality), each exposing a vast set of properties (e.g. you can decide do you want to show the date by the post or not). All these properties can be set through your web browser without going into any code

the search/filter engine has been improved in following manner :

  • posts are now categorized in topics (previously known as keywords)
  • each post can be categorized by positive keyword (previously known as search term) and negative keyword (meaning that post must not contain that keyword in order to be placed in the particular topic)
  • the adding, deleting, editing and sorting of topics and keywords has been ajaxified making it much faster and more user friendly than before

improve and ease certain administrative tasks

  • added option to add feeds through OPML files
  • added option to add list of feeds
  • added auto suggest lookup of feeds
  • feeds are being added in the background, posts are being fetched in background to allow for smoother experience
  • improved and expanded statistical data on the state of reBlogger (size of db, number of posts, trends etc.)

add social context to the reBlogger

In the coming version of reBlogger, we are building digg-style voting for posts/stories. Voting will be done through a smooth atlas interface.