The good in bad

Ok, we had some delays with the patching up reBlogger 3.0.5 and releasing 3.0.6, so I could not get right into the coding stuff, and what a blessing was that!!!

My initial idea was to go and redo the database structure to this multiplayer mode, which would basically result in a two separate directions of development. Needless to say we would have reoccuring bugs, lot’s of recoding and in general mess. It has just occured to me that the fastest and by far the best way to build would be to write an extension for reBlogger 3.0.6.

Basically what we would have is 2-3 additional tables that would represent some kind of joins between users and keywords/negative keywords. Since we don’t want to add same feed more than once and also we don’t want to add same post more than once, it is only logical to leave all that data in the same database.

Anyhow, reading through Mark’s blog I’ve got a rather solid understanding of what we are actually building. Then going through this article I realized how hot reBlogger is, and how far ahead we are with our software.

What I think is that we need to make an API (and that we’ll need to develop so it’ll be a good testing point) and start writing extensions, mainly focused on the front-end. 



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